Wednesday, 10 April 2013


Technology is giving me headaches.

The email on my phone corrupted this week, and as having email wherever I am is important to my job I needed to do something about it.  Repairing the email didn't seem possible even after an extensive search of the interweb, so I had to download a whole new application...and then work out the settings.  Pleased I managed it, but what a time waster.

In updating my laptop, Photoshop stopped working...I needed to re-register it I was told.  But the online registration wouldn't work, and after several attempts at calling adobe and being told my wait was "less than two hours" I've given up.  I'd been sent some photo editing software for me to review on the blog, but the PR never managed to get in contact to show me how to use it, so it's been sat idle for a few months.  However, I was a bit desperate so I've started fiddling and am beginning to work my way around is remarkably complicated and not in anyway intuitive (but then neither is Photoshop), but I'm getting there.  Slowly.  The first photo has been worked on so that you can see everyone on the back looks a bit artificial, but at least it's there.

And well done to Hippo for working out the comment are a determined man indeed!

This has turned into a week of reunions.

The consequence of last nights one being the most stonking hangover I've had for many a year.  It was the annual reunion of my friends from school.  We're a mixed bunch...amongst us was someone who drives a white van and repairs garage doors, one a £1 million a year city financier, one a two-times BAFTA award winner, a GP, and the mother of a former drug addict.  It makes for an eclectic conversation, so no wonder bottles and bottles of white wine were consumed.

The day before was the family gathering, again an annual event.  We met up at a restaurant that I hadn't been to for 45 years (I would guess).  It was a lovely event with an age range from less than ten all the way up to just short of a century.  Seeing all our family together is such a privilege even though we were struggling to work out whether we were second cousins, first cousins twice removed...does anyone know how that all works?  And how fortunate we were that the sun came out.  Lovely.

And tonight we're off to see a friend who I met during the Olympics...we became best buddies throughout the rehearsals.  As we're men, it's taken us this long to get our act together and meet up.  I'm very much looking forward to it...but wonder whether it might be like those marvellous people you meet on holiday who just seem different when you are in a different environment...I hope not; I expect it will be fun