Thursday, 11 April 2013

A cast of thousands

We have some new faces in the fact so many that I have been squashed into the corner and barely have the courage to poke my head out from behind my computer monitor.  I feel you should be introduced...although I've not yet worked out their foibles, so giving them names may be a mistake.

Firstly we have The Apprentice.  She's a feisty young spirit from Croydon, who seems to be a quick learner and will soon be a fearsome opponent for anyone who messes her around on the other end of the phone.

Then we have Mrs Mop.  She likes the place tidy, and is happy to fill the dishwasher with the dishes and mugs that would normally spend several weeks getting grimier and grimier until the mould sprouted and they would walk around by themselves.

Next is WAG.  Yes she does indeed come from Essex and is blond.  But she's not perma-tanned, nor is she dripping in gold and designer labels.

The Omen.  Actually he's been around for a while, and only comes in occasionally.  When he's not doing double entry book keeping, he's learning to be a chiropodist.  I think.

The Bishop.  She's lovely, quite gently, and her husband is currently treading the boards with the RSC in Stratford. Her only peccadillo that I can fathom so far is her worry that the filter in the kettle needs to be changed more regularly....she thinks algae will grow and we will all die a horrible slow death on the floor of the office writhing in agony.  She went and bought a new one, even though we have a box of a dozen sitting in the cupboard.

So a new cast, and I hope they get up to all sorts.  None of the names are meant to be derogatory in any way, quite the opposite in fact.  There's a busy, buzzy atmosphere here now which is lovely, and it's super to have them here.

I wonder what they think of me?