Tuesday 19 March 2013

St Patricks Day

Whilst I regularly hear cries of 'Bugger Blogger', I rarely hear 'Darned Disqus', but that may be the cri de coeur this week.

Whether I wanted it or not, Disqus decided last week to 'upgrade' me to the latest version....I was afreared of problems, so not entirely surprised when Hippo said he could no longer comment.  I seem to remember that was a problem once before, and the only solution was to turn the damned thing off.  As I mentioned in the past, I only included Disqus by mistake in the first place, so it's no big deal, except that I will lose all the comments that have been published...and that's a bigger deal.  But needs must.  Just as soon as I've worked out how to do it.  It will also mean that I lose the brand new 'whats on around the web' feature which they kindly included as a gesture of unfathomable kindness and generosity.

I'm looking a little bedraggled at the moment.  As I get older, my sleep gets more and more disturbed...so high on my list of things I would wish from a genie would be a good nights sleep.

The four of us went off to the totally incredible Wiltons Music Hall on Friday night.  It is the most remarkable place, and you do get to step back in history when you go in, so if you're in London make a detour and pay it a visit.  And do donate because it's still short of funds.  We were there to see a musical re-working of The Great Gatsby.  It's a book I've never read, but the offspring have studied at school.  I've only see the film about thirty years ago I would guess and had forgotten the story line.  Anyway a play that's full of deeply unpleasant characters.  Apart from Nick who's a lovely fellow.  In the play if not in the book.  Not only was the thing belted out with aplomb, but there was also much audience participation ..the actors mingled before the performance and during the interval...we all got to have a great sing along around the piano, and then returned to the auditorium where we got to dance on the stage.....

Saturday was bucket game night...names of the famous and not so famous are dropped into a bucket and the rest have to guess who it is.  This time there were three rounds...first the general guessing game, then a sort of charades version, then you could only say one word to describe the character.  It's a game the Cat's Mother and her friends have played all their lives.  I'm a recent introduction to it.  They love it, I loathe it.  A good time was had by all, and in the tradition of the game, the boys team beat the girl's team...as they always do.

And Sunday was St Patrick's Day. This is a day when I recognise my Irish Grandfather and can also mention that I've been to St Patrick's grave.  That gives me all the cred I need to participate in the celebrations.   As usual in London, there's a big parade, and the Olympic volunteers were there in force.  This time we had a roll of grass to carry as well.  It was a jolly day and even the rain couldn't take the shine off it.