Friday 22 March 2013

Rotten Apple

A short post just to get something off my chest.

The Boy's computer - an Apple MacBook has gone wrong for the second time in three months.

The last time they replaced the hard drive, and it has the same problem again.  The first time it died, I bought him a back-up drive because nothing had been backed-up...only to discover  that he had one already but had just never used it.  This time there is still no back up, and the computer contains his 'A' Level course work as well as the video from our last skiing holiday.  The Boy is an idiot.  I had told him that he MUST back everything up.  As a teenager, I can only guess whether he;s just too lazy or thinks he knows best.

But that is not the point of my little venting of spleen.  When I took the computer to the Apple shop, they did agree to replace the disk.  They have to, it's still under warranty.  They even offered to let me have the broken hard-drive back.  But they refused to recover the information on it.  That'll be the 'A' level course work.  They say it's not their responsibility.  I say they have both a legal responsibility because it's consequential damage, they deny it.  When I say 'they', I mean the shop manager 'Elissa' and her hidden bosses.  Worse still, they refuse to repair the machine at all because I won't sign their terms and conditions which specifically exclude data recovery.  I may be on my high horse, but I think they are legally required to repair the computer and I'm not obliged to sign onerous T&Cs.  They promised to e-mail me with a way forward.  They haven't.  The cost of recovering data I'm told could be anywhere between £300 and £3000. That's a lot.

I can't say I've ever been a fan of Apple...I've never bought one of their products for myself.  I like the way they look, but have always had a feeling there's something quite Big Brother about the company and the way they operate.  I'm not anti...just not bothered one way or another.

And I can't help feel that their 'fanboys' are blind devotees of a cult.  Cults are never a good thing.

In this case, they clearly don't care about a customer, or that their product is faulty.

So what do I do?
Do I take them to court?
Or do I bow down, remove my trousers and let them shaft me from behind?