Saturday 26 January 2013


Well done Mr Q and Mrs NappyValley who between them got to the right answer in my last post.  We were at The Globe, and there will be a performance of The Tempest there this year.  I did rather bastardise Mr Shakespeare's speech as spoken by Mr Brannagh at the Opening ceremony of the Olympics.  We were there to have a look around the work that's going on at the moment.  The Globe is a wonderful place to Shakespeare, but come the winter months, it lies empty as no one wants to freeze their bits off listening to The Bard.  It transpires that when Sam Wannamaker conceived the idea of re-building The Globe, there was always a plan to have an indoor Jacobean theatre too...funds have never been there to realise this dream.  Until now.  So from the existing building that was created at the same time as the Globe, a new Jacobean theatre is being built.  It will open at the end of the year, and there's a lot of work still to be done.  It should be a fascinating experience, as performances will be by of those will include The Tempest - apparently the opening storm scene was always meant to be played in almost total darkness.  We're looking forward to it.

A while back I started a blog looking at the Olympic Park as it was being's on my route to work.  But I soon came to realise that building works progress slowly, so I stopped.  If you take a look, you'll see it's laid out quite differently to this one...I really like it (click on any of the pictures to see linked photos) but it's difficult to comment.  As people occasionally still go to look at it,  I have just posted up all the photos from my ' Great Olympic adventure'...soon I'm going to add the pictures from the days we visited as spectators....and at odd occasions I'll add to it when we go and use the facilities's currently still shut and it's been quite depressing seeing everything being taken out.  I am looking forward to the big concerts that are going to take place there in the summer and a new cycle track plus the velodrome revamped for amateurs will be open in the not too distant future.  If you compare what we are trying to achieve with our Olympic facilities compared to other countries, you should be rightly proud that we have got it right.

I think we all know what thieving merchants insurance companies are, so it hasn't come as a surprise when it comes to the insurance for our little Toyota Yaris.  Insured for The Cat's Mother the cost was about £300, and adding on The Cat was an impressive, but not unexpected £1300.  We've now tried to add The Boy.  that will cost an additional £1100.  So here's the question to Direct you cannot discriminate between males and females, and the car cannot be driven by both at the same time, how do you justify that extra cost?