Wednesday 23 January 2013

In black and white

The Cat's Mother was concerned that I hadn't mentioned that the scarf on our snowman (soon to be deceased) is my old school scarf.  I regard this as editorial interference, but as she said, "They would want to know!".  So there you have it.  My scarf, which has survived forty years, is now roughing it in the back garden.

I wonder who briefed Prince 'take a life to save a life' Harry to say that he had killed Taleban.  If he wasn't a prime target before, he certainly is now.  But more importantly was the matter-of-fact way in which he delivered it.  A life is a life is a life, and any life lost should be mourned.  War is a nasty business at the best of times, and as I learnt in school at the age of 13 you can't win a war in Afghanistan.  So every life lost, whether British or Taleban is a wasted life as well as being a tragedy.

And as for Cameron offering us the chance to vote ourselves out of Europe...I'm lost for words.  The EU does need to change, but you can't influence change from the outside.  If we go, I bet €5 that within a decade we'll be hammering on the door asking to be let back in.  Of course, DC may be bluffing, certain that the Tories won't be winning the next election...but that won't help The Ed Miller Band come to the negotiating table

Yesterday's The Cat's Mother and I had a text conversation

"OMG on the 20 bus!!! xx"

"Not surprised.  Heard on the BBC that hell has frozen over xxx"

"They are in shock at Level One xxooxx" [ed: hairdresser]

""Did you go upstairs? Were you smoking on the back seat? Did you know they don't have conductors any more? xxx"

"All of the above. What a trip down memory lane.  All that was missing was me in my school uniform xxooxx"

"*drops phone* xxx"

A short while ago Kelloggsville asked for a cast list, so here goes:

Me - Nota Bene
My son - The Boy
My girlfriend - The Cat's Mother
My girlfriend's daughter - The Cat
My Mum - Grandma in Cyprus
My stepfather - Grandpa in Cyprus
My brother - erm, usually referred to as my brother...suggestions appreciated - I have used 'He ain't heavy'
UP - The Cat's Mother's brother
The Maestro - The Cat's Mother's other brother
Quenn Anne - The Cat's Mother's BFF
Muffin Mum - The Cat's Mother's sister
Muffin Dad - The Cat's Mother's brother-in-law
The Muffins - either the two daughters or the whole family
The Spanish girl - shares my office, and isn't Spanish
Gay John - used to share my office and isn't gay
Gay George - used to share my office and isn't gay
Office Dog - the office dog

The chorus...assorted characters who are given random names as needed, and these names may well change each time they appear..

If I've forgotten anyone, could they or you let me know?