Saturday, 12 January 2013

Not required viewing

You can tell it's still Christmas at least in my head because I have a large tub of Twiglets on my desk.  It was bought at discount from the local newsagent as he tries to shift stock.  The tub has the short Twiglets in and I just never understand why the short ones taste so much better than the longer ones.

At home we're three-quarters of the way through Killing II, having watched Killing III before.  The Boy bought it for The Cat's Mother as a Christmas present, and she is enthralled.  I am too, although once we'd finished III I'd looked up II online as I had assumed we wouldn't be seeing any more.  So I sort of know the outcome, although I can't remember the details.  The Cat's Mother isn't pleased with me for that.

I bought a new electric toothbrush recently to replace the one that had kept my teeth shiny and polished for the last five was looking ropey and had begun to give off a strange odour...and nobody wants to put something smelly in their mouth.  The new one is keeping me amused for hours at a time.  It comes with a little display to let me know when I've cleaned uses a smiley face to tell me.  And what I've discovered is that if I do more than the regulation two minutes, the face randomly does different things...I might get a crooked smile, a wink, raised eyebrows or any combination.  Yep the child in me can't resist.

And this is part of my ride to's the bit where I cycle along the canal.  It still amazes me that you can be in such a wonderful place even in central London.  I love this makes ths start of the day fantastic.  Libby a GoPro is a video camera that sits on my helmet...