Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Yesterday's post was originally called change, but I decided that it needed change before being put up.  Today is about change.

We woke up Sunday morning to find that our lovely six foot snowman, which had survived remarkably well, albeit shrunken to about five foot, had disappeared totally in the torrential overnight rain.  Nothing but a pile of oranges, pine cones, hat and scarf to show for our short-lived friend.

As we left our Edwardian breakfast we heard news of a friend of a friend's 24 year-old son.  He had been out with friends in Romford on Saturday night, and because he was feeling a little the worse for wear at the end of the evening he stuck his head out of the car window.  Unfortunately, there was another passing car.  We don't yet know the final out come, but at best it will being lasting brain damage we understand.  So there in a moment lives are changed forever in an apparently random moment.

The same was true some nine years ago with The Boy's mother.  Her brain haemorrhage whilst away on business was sudden and unexpected and brought about changes to so very many people.  So today we say a little prayer for her and remember someone who knew better than anyone else I know how to burn the candle at both ends and in the middle.