Friday 9 November 2012

Rusty old nails

Correction:  The Boy will be carrying the flag at the British Legion's Festival of Remembrance.  He's rehearsing today, so we will know more this evening.  If you haven't seen it, do have a read of Kellogsville's post...immensely moving

The Cat's Mother and I had an odd moment this week.  Worryingly odd.  I said that in the early part of our relationship she had told me something.  Not only does she deny it, but she says she would never had said it.    As I believe we both believe we are telling the truth, it means that one of us has a faulty memory.  We both 'know' that we are right, but one of us must be wrong.  I don't know which of us it is.  It worries me.  Not the thing that we're disagreeing about, which really is neither here nor there, but how dangerous memory can be when it goes awry. Memory is such a precious thing, and when my father was suffering from Parkinsons. it was deeply hurtful to see  how much he lost. Not that I'm suggesting either of us is going down that route, but it has sparked a thought.

I wrote here about all the films that are out that I wanted to see, and I'm pleased to say I'm wading through the list...although I'm afeared I may have missed Beasts of the Southern Wild which seems to have had a very short run.

This week, as The Boy was busy and didn't have time to go to see Skyfall, I went to see Rust & Bone.  The highlights were a couple who walked out after two minutes when they realised it was subtitled...I sometime wonder whether people really think about what they're going to see before they buy their tickets!  A second highlight were a couple of girls sitting some rows in front of me who had absolutely no interest in the film at all, and sat chatting to each other until the guy in front of them gave up telling them to shush and went and got security.  At that point they were quiet for a few minutes until they too left.  The third and final highlight were the special effects...I still haven't worked out how they showed Marion Cotilard naked with her legs amputated so convincingly...the film didn't in any way overtly make use of CGI, but I guess that's what they must have done.  And that was it for highlights.  It was gritty, it was raw, it was unrelenting and grim.  It was pitched as a love story, but the French must have a different view of love to me.  Although well acted by pretty much everyone, there were some bits that were so ridiculous that in such an earthy drama, they just didn't work...and the ending surely must have been sown on by Hollywood when Director Jacques Audiard wasn't looking.  In truth I couldn't recommend you go and see it...but then I doubt you were anyway.