Wednesday 19 September 2012


Would you like a job?

In the first six weeks you'll get to meet Pierce Brosnan, and you'll be invited to the performer and staff preview of the new James Bond  film Skyfall

You'll be paid a good salary

Your hours will be 9.30 to about 5.15...and totally flexible

It won't be too challenging...just enough to keep you on your toes...and will bring interesting new challenges every day. It will never be boring. Never

The people you will work with are lovely, friendly and embracing

It'll be in a growing business, so there are lots of positive vibes

You can stay at our house, with your own room and your own bathroom

We'll feed you, share our wine and beer with you.  It won't cost you a penny

We'll even pay for you to go to the theatre occasionally

We'll give you a lift down to the tube station every day, and pick you up in the evening

I mentioned a little while ago that Joe 90 had come to stay with us after I'd arranged for him to have an interview with the people who share my office.  Yesterday he resigned, causing mammoth upset amongst friends and family, and immense embarrassment to me.  For someone interested in films, it was a dream job; a golden opportunity and one that is never likely to be repeated.  Bafflement abounds.

Every one thinks it is folly of the first order.  It is.

I suspect he will look back in ten, twenty, thirty years time and realise how foolish this selfish act has been.