Tuesday, 29 May 2012


I hadn't realised what a big year this is for anniversaries.  It's lovely to see the bunting and flags out everywhere.  People are in the mood, and I hear that there will be street parties everywhere.  Remarkable really.  I hadn't realised that it would have such a big impact.

But then 25 years is a long time.  I'm slightly confused, because as far as I know 25 is the Silver Anniversary, and I see everything is referring to some 'Diamond Jubilee'.  Printers error I guess.  Anyway, Grandma in Cyprus is delighted with all that attention for her Silver Wedding anniversary on Wednesday...that's tomorrow, the 30th May.  I hope that she and Grandpa in Cyprus are as happy for the next 25 years as they have been for the last 25.

I'm not an envious person (much less enviable), but I can't help cast an eye over my shoulder when I see all the lovely treats that some bloggers get thrown in the interest of promoting brands.  I'm not adverse to a freebie myself, but clearly I'm not on the right list.  Usually.

So I was delighted to have been invited to the launch of the 'Ultimate' sightseeing tour with the RIB Tours London high speed boat.  There was a downside...we had to gather at 7.30, which meant that even being within spitting distance of Festival Pier, I had to be up at the crack of sparrow.  I wouldn't normally have bothered, but it was my Big Birthday (18) last year, and The Cat's Mother had wanted to organise a speed boat trip on the Thames.  I hummed and I hahhed, and generally fannied around so it didn't happen.  I'm not a great one for big celebrations.  So this was an opportunity to see what I'd missed out on.

Now I'm not an inexperienced Thames sailor...I've done the disco boat, the gentle steamer, the bus boat, the high speed jet boats that take you from Tate to Tate and I've done the duck tours.  All wonderful..There's something about the water, and a gentle trip down the Thames that is really quite relaxing.  Rib Tours is something different altogether...its ideal for the adrenaline junkie who wants to get their thrills on water.  You still get the sights (albeit a bit blurry), you still get the witty commentary (albeit a bit high pitched), but what really made this fun (especially at 7.30 on  Friday morning) was being thrown around with gay abandon, thinking that at any moment you may discover whether there really are live fish swimming deep in the Thames. I held onto my man bag for dear life.  I had a ball.  The other dozen or so people with me had a ball.  So I would highly recommend it to thrill seekers of all ages.  Anyway, you can find their details here  End of ad.  If I hadn't liked I wouldn't have written about it.