Friday 10 June 2011

Hanging on the phone

In all honesty, it was never going to be a great idea...staying in bed all day with man flu and then going off to central London to see the ballet. Twenty minutes in and we were beginning to fade...and it didn't make for a great night's sleep either. Oh dear.

Anyway, you can never accuse the Royal Ballet of offering value for money. The programme went: 22 minutes performance, 25 minutes interval, 26 minutes performance, 25 minutes interval, 36 minutes performance. It was the third part that we'd come for...Stravinky's Rite of Spring. It's a corker...something that I regularly listen to on my iPod, just after the Foo Fighters. Although it was spectacular...I'm not a ballet expert..... it was easy to see where they haven't got it right...a few minutes at the beginning when the curtains stayed closed, yet the music was in full swing, a very 'delicate' dance when the music is heavy, malevolent even...still we did enjoy it.

And then we walked out at the end to see this: