Thursday 9 June 2011

Flower power

Disaster. I've gone down with a cold...surely a sign that summer has arrived. Hopefully gallons of Lemsip, TLC and a good deal of moaning and groaning from me will put things right again. Although it's midday and I'm still in bed, I don't intend it to stop me going out for a civilised evening at the ballet tonight.

So to the daily photo...and it's been a tough choice. Yesterday I cycled to work which provides a wealth of photo opportunities over the 17 mile route. An obvious choice would be the Olympic site, but in truth the best views are out of reach at the moment; another obvious choice would be the street art which is a particular favourite of mine; or even the canal boats...there are so many along the ten miles of canals that I ride along and they are all delightful. But instead, I've chosen this one of the wild flowers...that may just have had a little help from human hands getting here...certainly I've never seen so many poppies along the canal side as this year. It amazes me that even in deepest, darkest central London there are these oasis of paradise...barely a noise, fabulous colours, fresh air, lovely surroundings...just beautiful and really, really uplifting.