Tuesday, 21 June 2011


I seem to be really quite forgetful.

I forgot to post at all yesterday, even though I knew what I wanted to post.

And I also forgot to take a picture for today's post. So I may have to cheat. Cheating does seem to be the way ahead these days, so my conscience remains clear on that count. I'd like to comment on FIFA and the resignation of Jack Warner with his 'presumed innocence', but I've probably said enough in the past about corrupt football, footballers, and shall just hope that it all comes crumbling down quickly.

As for Sunday, it was, of course, Fathers Day, and something I used to ignore when I was the son. These days I'm the father, and the son is 'encouraged' to let me know what a great Dad I am. Admittedly it didn't start too well as I woke up and had to go and make the tea for The Cat's Mother and me. She has no shame. But she did then go and awaken the sleeping beauty, who bounded out of bed with the speed and grace of a lame elephant. Some ten minutes later, I was presented with punched eggs on toast, for which I was, and remain, very grateful. In case you're not familiar with punched eggs, they're like poached eggs but are kind of squashed and mis-shapen. They taste the same - delicious so I'm not complaining.

Later, downstairs, I was also presented with a lovely card and a special bottle of whisky. You have to read the label.

So I achieved on Fathers Day.

Naturally, we then had a lunch party. We'd ordered cheeses from La Cave a Fromage, and we served every one a sample of each of the five. No body told me, but evidently I was supposed to talk everyone through them....I made it up as I went along. And some of the rowdy crowd failed to stick to the strict order I tried to impose. Really people!