Thursday 5 May 2011

A month in pictures

Well normally, once a month I put up some pictures that I've taken the previous month. It's usually the First Friday of the month, but as Tara's Gallery theme this week is April, I thought I'd do it today. So here's First Thursday nearly works! Not a vintage month...

Evidently a 'at shop in 'ackney...I liked the name

The evening sun whilst we sat in the very delicious Brawn Restaurant

No, not tulips in Amsterdam, Tulips in Brighton

Roa strikes again

The roof at St Pancras whilst we sat supping champagne at the Champagne Bar...well what else would you do?

At the Nota Bene house, the vote was split on the Royal Wedding.

And talking of voting...hope you're going to put your cross in the Yes for AV box today...