Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fair enough*

I may have mentioned. In fact I did mention, that last year we had the kitchen 'done'. Not in the same way that cats and dogs get 'done', but nonetheless, done it was. Just to refresh your memory, here's a picture. In fact several.

Please note the lovely kitchen appliances. Even though most of them are hidden behind frosted glass doors.

As you can tell I'm very proud of it...and them...especially the induction hob which a year or so later I still can't work out how to use properly. I may have to reading the instruction manual.

I may have mentioned. In fact I did mention, that a couple of weeks ago we went to see Iolanthe...the Gilbert and Sullivan opera at Wilton's Music Hall. The performance was full of fairies, not surprisingly because it was a fairytale. Albeit one with a bit of bite. And all the fairies were boys. Now I've always thought of fairies as being girls, but in this performance they were definitely boys. Some even had hairy chests. It was a delightful performance, and not the first I've seen where the boys have come out. Last year we went to see Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake, where everyone is a boy.

So my life is full of fairies. Although I'm not sure the Tooth Fairy exists.

Anyway in amongst the confusion of whether there really are fairies and whether they're boys or girls, I've been visited by a fairy. The Fairy Hobmother**. And as HE says, he not a fairy in that sense. He gets paid to be one. Now I may be a bit prim and proper (when it suits), but I think there's a law against getting paid for it.

But anyway, in return for a vast and enormous sprinkling of fairy dust on my bank account (erm, an Amazon voucher), I've promised to mention Appliances Online, and in particular their vast array of washing machines here

Which is odd, really, because when we got the kitchen sorted, the only thing we didn't replace was the washing was almost new anyway. But the rest of the appliances did by some remarkable coincidence come from Appliances Online.

So there we have it.

* Fair enough... "Hello, I'm a fairy, Fairy Nuff"

** If you leave a comment, the Fairy may come and visit you too