Thursday, 6 January 2011

Who'd be a celebrity?

Twenty-eleven is not starting well for celebrity deaths, and the two of particular note for me are Gerry Rafferty and Mick Karn.

Rafferty was fantastic...we all love Baker Street don't we? And his solo albums all deserve a re-listen. But my favourite has always been Stuck in the Middle which featured in Reservoir Dogs. I've never been able to listen to it in the same way since seeing the film. Interestingly, Louise Redknapp did a more than passable version...and I'm not to much of a fan of pop princesses. Unfortunately I couldn't get the code to embed the video of the 'Ear Scene', so here's a slide show instead

Rafferty died an alcoholic...and once upon a time that would have passed me by...after all everyone likes a good drink don't they? But reading Addy's blog Alcoholic Daze has given me a different insight into the abject misery and despair this illness brings to the victim and those around them. No question there are mixed feelings about his passing.

Mick Karn may not be a name that leaps out of the page for many, but he was the bass guitarist for of my absolute favourite bands of the eighties. He was just 52 and cancer did its worst. Sadly, the fame of thirty years ago hadn't translated into lasting wealth, and he'd had to appeal for money for treatment. Still a great talent and part of an amazing band.