Tuesday 18 January 2011

Sometimes you have to pay for it

But fortunately it comes in a handy tube from John Lewis

The Boy and I went to the London Bike Show on Sunday - The Cat and The Cat's Mother went off to a nephew's birthday celebrations. I'm not sure who got the better deal. The Boy and I were not really speaking after a furious - very furious - argument the night before. We don't argue much. In fact just once a year. Always in January. But when we argue it's like the Third World War. So not much fun for anyone around us either. And it started off as something relatively small - The Boy not back home when he was expected, before it accelerated and spiralled out of control into something apocalyptic. Kids! Who'd have 'em?

The show was quite a disappointment...it may be that we've both grown out of exhibitions, or maybe we just weren't in the mood. However, if you've got a spare £16,000 (that's more than I paid for my car, and double what I paid for my motorbike) you could get this:

It's so light that it can be picked up by your little finger. Still at that price I'd have hoped for front and rear lights.

On the up side, we did see Danny Macaskill - something of a hero for us both. Here's a YouTube clip (can anyone tell me why they don't format properly on my blog? Any ideas of how to fix would be much appreciated) and the accompanying song is one of my all time favourites