Thursday 20 January 2011

I've got the hump

Yesterday was Gallery day, and I hummed and ha-ed about what to post, but couldn't really think of anything that fitted the theme. A little disappointing as I like to participate, but eventually I just commented that I'd given up, but would look at some of the entries. Now call me a liar, if you will, but I've not had a chance to browse the entries, and now I've found a picture that I thought would be right, so I shall post it.

This morning I went on a social media training course. I need to know for my business, and because I have an innate need to know and understand. I've not yet quite got to the stage of not being able to operate the gadgets around the house (although it is fair to say turning on the TV is now quite a challenge). Of course, one of the key things about commercial social media is driving numbers to your website, to your blog, to your Facebook page, to your Twitter account. So when I mentioned about the blog, I had to take a very deep breath and explain that it is purely, utterly and totally personal and I don't care about visitor numbers. Of course that is an utter lie - I do keep a regular eye on the counter, and would love to have many more visitors and many more follwers (did you see what happened to Grumpy Old Ken when his very excellent and entertaining blog was listed as a 'blog of note' by Google?). I don't know why...its just my competitive nature I guess....not that I will do anything to chase readers. Unlike that shameless Auntie Gwen who mentions sex at every possible opportunity. And she swears a lot. Also that Steve, who keeps putting up pictures of attractive women. Of coure, I shall ignore any suggestion that they have more readers because their blogs are better. Anyway, the course was really interesting, and if I get my sorry ass into gear and do what I'm supposed to, it will have been incredibly useful. Thank you Warren.

I'm a little over excited to be honest. In fact very, very over excited. Very few things really get me going...actually I'm laid back enough that in my entire life, I can count the number of times I've been really excited on the fingers of my hands. After a failed previous attempt, tomorrow I get to go to the Iraq Inquiry to see the war criminal Tony Blair perform. I'm hoping it's a very juicy session. I suspect it will be. I'm still thinking of wearing an old pair of shoes so I can throw one...but for some reason the family thinks this is a bad idea. The Cat's Mother says she won't post bail. Still...if I get 250 new followers, I might just be tempted!