Monday 4 October 2010

No Prime Minister!

The trials and tribulations of shared accommodation include the traumas of food in the know you put some food items get pushed to the back and remain there for several months, gradually gathering mould that the science department would like to experiment on. Alternatively mysteriously your stuff goes in there one evening and the next day it's disappeared...and no one will own up to it. It's good to see that The Boy has begun the move towards shared living early....

Saturday night we went to see a comedy play.

It was about foreign paedophiles.

Yes, I thought so, it's not funny.

Especially when that play is Yes Prime Minister...based on the classic TV series that made great humour out of the complex relationship between politicians and civil servants. Generally the humour revolved around minutiae of policies and events that were not of any great significance. Immeasurably amusing.

So its a real shame that this play is way off the mark, and dwells on a topic that couldn't be described as amusing in any circumstances. How do the critics get it so wrong sometimes?