Wednesday 29 September 2010

Food glorious food!

Not so long ago we all trundled off to see the latest iteration of Oliver! It was tremendous fun, and interestingly having not seen it for a couple of decades I still knew all the songs and most of the words...I felt so sorry for my companions who had to listen to my tuneless renditions. Tara's theme this week is he's a few shots to illustrate a theme that's close to my heart and even closer to my tummy!

A delicious salad from our last visit to Cyprus...we're off to see Grandma again soon

Fruit and veg from Taj a fantastic shop in Brighton

A cheesy Valentine's present

Menu from Riddle and Finn in Brighton - well worth a visit if you're ever down there

More fruit and veg from Mr Taj - I love the colours

I have a thing for rubber here's the foodie version

And finally no meal is complete with a bottle of Mateus Rose. Well maybe not these days, but when I was younger it was everyone's first introduction to wine