Monday 26 July 2010

Filthy lucre

I don't normally keep in touch with The Boy when he's away...I've always thought that short breaks away from the watchful parental eye were a good way of encouraging independence...for both of us. I realise the daftness of his approach during his teenage years when he already thinks he's capable of ruling the world. No, the universe. Still, it's something I've stuck to. However, this weekend I felt the need to text him in Germany...the disaster at the Love Festival worried me, only because I remember his German exchange student friend talking a lot about Festivals. Of course, Duisburg is a million miles away from where The Boy is staying, so I was being ridiculous...but then that's what parents are for...isn't it. Naturally, he was fine...and then revealed that he'd been partying every single night. That's six nights on the trot. And whilst I can admire the stamina...we could all do that when we were younger...I now feel the need to panic about what 'partying' might mean. He's back Wednesday evening at which point I'll be a gibbering wreck, and will no doubt never be any the wiser.

I may have mentioned that I've always kept this here blog free from commerciality...its my bit of fun, my hobby. Nothing more, nothing less. But recently, I somehow ended up on some list as one of the Top 10 Daddy Blogs. I don't know how, but I have. And the net result is that I now get daily approaches from companies wanting something. Some will even put something my way. I'm not sure that the stick of rock that I received in the post will quite swing it for me, but I sure as damn am I might just have a 'commercial break' once a month. After all I've done worse things than compromise my principles before...oh now there's an idea for a post!