Thursday 3 June 2010

One of those days...

Today (and it's only 10.00 a.m.) I have:

1. Overslept (turned the alarm off because of the Bank holiday)
2. Peed into the bidet because I was still asleep when i got up(yes...yes...don't say it...)
3. Left my keys in the front door as I biked off to work (found by the boy a couple of hours later)
4. Forgotten my filled up coffee loyalty card so I actually had to pay...
5. Just about set the alarm off because I forgot to unlock the office door before activating the alarm
6. Locked myself out of my internet bank by entering the wrong security code
7. Locked myself out of my bank account my trying to enter an old pin number
8. Posted on Facebook that I have 'One and a half kilos of it in the cupboard' thinking I was sending a private message to someone who would understand the context.

I'm not sure I'll make it 'til lunchtime....