Friday 28 May 2010

Away with the fairies

Are you the last one to leave the party? Have you ever gone to stay at a friends for the weekend and then just not left?

The Boy has a Godfather who once was one of the UK's foremost technology journalists. he was well enough known that when we had a computer go badly wrong, the mere mention of his name sent a shiver down the spine of the supplying company's PR. We got a new computer and a whole host of goodies. He was also the first person we knew to get (for testing of course) an X-Box, and his flat was a geeks paradise.

At some stage, I don't know when quite, he decided there was more to life than writing about gadgets. He completed modernised what had been a tatty, rundown and disgracefully untidy flat into a splendid icon of contemporary minimalism. It was beautiful.

Then he sold it and decided to travel the world. Among his exploits included helping sail a yacht half way round the world with a couple who, as far as I can tell, would probably make excellent characters in a scary horror movie.

At some stage on his travels he met an American lass, fell in love and decided to marry.

But life is never simple, and in order to get the right American visa so he could go back and get hitched, he had to return to the UK. He needed somewhere to stay, so I offered the flat in Brighton for 3-4 weeks. That was in December. He finally returned to the States yesterday. Yes, the visa process was challenging to say the least...evidently many people try to marry an American just to get a Visa to live there. Can you imagine? A fine upstanding Englishman put in the same category as....well you know.

But it wasn't just visa was distant relationship problems. So he's gone back not entirely sure that the marriage will happen. I hope it does, he deserves it. And if it was meant to be, it will happen. I'm sure.

We've been down a couple of times, but it's not easy when you want the space to yourself and there's someone matter who they are. I've been delighted that the flat has been properly lived in for the last five months...that's not been the case for fifteen years. And on Monday, we will venture down for our first visit since his departure...and we can start again trying to finish off the refurbishment that we postponed on his arrival. Hopefully the flooring will be down this side of the summer break.

Of hoo to everyone who said he'd never leave.

Have a great Bank Holiday.