Monday 21 June 2010

It comes round just once a year....

I keep meaning to mention that I've added a Twitter feed...not sure why, but I have. At the moment I'm just putting links to the post, but if I can ever work out how to use it properly, I might venture into putting mini-posts up there in between the proper one. I think the link is

...Dad's Day of course...and I was delighted to be brought breakfast in bed. This is a notable occasion. This was not just any breakfast, this was a Fifteen year old's take on breakfast:

Poached eggs on toast - yippee
Coffee - yippee
Bucks Fizz - yippee
Chocolate - yippee....



wait for it

Samosa - erm yip erm ee!

The samosa had been perfectly warmed by thirty seconds in the microwave, and was pretty much all that was left of the day before's haul. It had been Sports Day at the school, and given the summer showers, and wintry gales, the Parents Association Indian food stall hadn't done too well. So samosas which started off at 50p each were soon reduced to four for a pound. We took twenty. Half an hour after we got home three were left. Teenagers are hungry beasts after a day of sporting prowess.

Anyway the breakfast was more than welcome and appreciated. I was also showered with gifts - a sword straight from the four musketeers for use on the barbecue.

And two rolls of loo paper. Not just any loo paper though. One roll is printed with 'Brain training' challenges. I'm not sure whether you're supposed to use it - before or afterwards. And the second was glow in the dark. It mentions that the glow in the dark stuff is not dangerous, but may wipe off. So potentially I get up in the middle of the night and return to bed with green glowing nether regions.

It's a picture I wouldn't want to wish on anyone.