Friday 25 June 2010

Falling Down

The Boy finished his summer exams today, which is a relief to us all. Amazing how the stress permeates even those of us that don't sit in the exam hall.

This week, we went to see the Divine that I've enjoyed, but not quite got round to buying at any stage. Anyway, the lovely gentle Irishman was a delight, and the whole evening was enhanced by our surroundings. I took some pictures:

And you can see more (and better) here.

Wilton's is evidently the world's oldest Music Hall and it's a sheer delight. Worth visiting just to have a gander...and it has a lovely bar too. It's just off Cable Street...and provided shelter from Oswald Mosley's fascists during the Battle of Cable Street. For me this is living, breathing history, and something to be savoured. Here's a mural from just down the road which I tried to capture, but the architecture didn't really help.

Tonight, we are dining in the open on top of a multi-storey car park in the middle of Europe's largest building site.....