Tuesday 27 April 2010

Happy Birthday

Remarkably, it's the boy's birthday again...he's 15 on Saturday. I'm not sure how it happens that this comes round every year. If only we'd had the foresight to have him delivered on 29th February, then I'd only have to worry about it once every four years. I wonder if I could shift it to February 29th and see if he minds...after all the first year he would get an early birthday. I'm sold on the idea.

As usual, it's a trial to think of things to get him. His brief is 'something to do with cycling or skiing'. Which is fine, except the skiing season has finished, and what he means by something to do with cycling, is the new bike he's got his eye on: £2500. There's just no chance. I could by myself something nice for that.

Last year I appealed here on the blog and got heaps of lovely suggestions...so that's a head start (if I can find them again that is). But I'm still struggling.

We're taking some friends go-karting in the morning. I had better win. And in the afternoon, its a bbq...come rain or shine.

And on Sunday we'll go and see a 15 certificate film...tough choice at the moment - Kick Ass, Ghost, Cemetry Junction, Centurion, Date Night, Extract are doing the rounds....but not a classic amongst them I suspect...

But we won't be singing Happy Birthday......click here to see why