Wednesday 28 April 2010

Boy on a bench...for The Gallery

Another week...another challenge from Tara's Gallery

I've got two favourite pictures of the boy. Actually, I've got loads...but this one is nice because it was a particularly happy 2008 we drove from one end of the A5 (Marble Arch) to the other (Hollyhead), and then camped in the shadow of Snowden. We arrived as most people were packing up and leaving the campsite following overnight wind and rain that had blown more than one tent away...but we were not to be fact although it was damp for most of the week (and I gather that Snowden is generally damp), we managed to cook outside and watch the sun go down every evening. We walked up Snowden through the fog and clouds...which was probably a good thing as I get giddy at height. This was taken at Portmeiron which I'd wanted to go to ever since seeing The Prisoner. There were no bouncing spheres...but we did walk along the estuary until we returned and saw a sign saying 'Danger! Quicksand'. We trod more carefully after that. Aren't the colours beautiful?