Thursday 3 December 2009

There was a powerful smell of eau de cologne when we walked through the doors

Yes we must have been dining out in Chigwell. At a pub restaurant that was quite close in character to a Harvester. The difference being that the people were ever so smart and the car park was full of Porsches and Range Rovers. There were plenty of perma tanned blondes (with their wives), some shirts open to their waist (almost) and even the odd gold chain. This is the land where the local clothes shop has been known to receive an order by text from Rio the value of £31,000. Mind you with jeans a thousand pounds a pop, that's not too many items is it?

The food was.....well just about the same as you get in a Harvester. That's not fair. It was slightly better. My pork kebabs were fine. The wine was a Montepulciano. Although it didn't actually say that on the label. It did on the wine list. I'm not sure if that's quite right?

The strange thing about LaLa Land is that there's so much money sploshing about that you are border line poor if you only have one Porsche and one Range Rover on your drive. By comparison we live well below the poverty line. I was once pulled over by PC Plod on London Bridge for a 'routine check'. When he saw my address, his comment was that 'Even the poor people are rich there." I'm not sure if it helped or hindered my cause.

There is no appreciation of fine food around here at all. I find that bizarre. Plenty of tacky night clubs, and chain cafes. But not a decent gastro-pub or a not-quite Michelin starred restaurant. Not even the pub at the beauty spot of High Beech serves anything better than a dried up bacon butty or sausage and eggs.

The boy was abandoned at home to play with matches and sharp knives. He had a Waitrose steak and ale pie and oodles of mash. He may well have had the better meal.


  1. Chigwell? Isn't that where Birds Of A Feather was set? I imagine it rather differently...And the poor/porsche thing? The way to tell a REALLY rich man is to admire the double spoiler at the rear....

  2. I was forced off the road today by a fake tanned blonde in a spanking new Range Rover today, doing about 70 in a 30, I guess she was late for her Chigwell wives coffee morning!!

    Could you please stop teasing the boy and give him something combustable to go with his matches, seems like constant drip feed cruelty to me.

  3. It had me thinking of Birds of a feather too. I had a neighbour like that once. Shirt open to his waist, "Porsh" (they don't pronounce the "e"s in England) on the driveway and guns in the boot (for when he did the wages run!!) I suspect your boy got the better deal.

  4. MH - am now going round examining varoius rear ends...'re right. I may upgrade him to a lighter and some magnesium stolen from the school lab
    AG - you know you love it...really
    Rosiero...and I thought you lived some where quite civilised!


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