Monday 7 December 2009

Losing my shirt

I'm never really sure about Christmas shopping. On the one hand, I love buying people presents, but on the other I'm always conscious about the budget, and on my third hand I know there are some people that should be getting presents that well just won't be....I'll run out of time energy and money, and then justify myself by saying "I won't be seeing them over Chrsitmas anyway"

This year it's been hard to get in the Christmas much as anything because it just doesn't seem to be Christmassy. There is not a single Christmas light up on my route to work, and the part invites have been few and far between. May be I'm just a bit bah humbug.

However, this weekend was Christmas present buying weekend. So we headed for Brighton. Andd I'm delighted to say the place was festooned with Christmas lights...the most atmospheric being the ones down the North Laine, where a traditional Christmas still seems important. And not offensive.

I did quite well on the present buying in between stopping for coffee, lunch, coffeee, coffee and then coffee. Naturally I didn't feel it was right to be sepnding all this time and money on other people, without indulging myself. And I happened to spot this shirt:

The boy's response was that it was awfuland I should dress my age. Harsh. Very harsh. I called for a second opinion (how wonderful is photo messaging?!). Opinion was split 50/50, so I decided to vote again as the deciding vote. £75 later and it was in the bag. Time for another coffee. And as we emerged freshly perked, it was pouring with rain, so we grabbed a cab.

It was only as we went to bed some hours later that I realised that the shirt was missing. The only thing from the previous day's attempts to single-handedly boost the UK economy that was mine, and it had gone. We searched every nook and cranny. But it really wasn't in the flat. There were tantrums, there were tempers, there was stomping around, there was door slamming.

In the morning some frantic calls were no avail. So the mystery is which lucky bstrd is going to have an early Christmas present of my completely inappropriate shirt?


  1. I think I arrived here via TF's blog, can't remember, but this did make me chuckle ( ! ) I do hope you find your shirt !! I have done similar things...I lost an expensive picture when we moved house and a pair of shoes when I was shopping( put the new pair on in the shop and ...Lord knows what happened to the pair I had on !!)
    Anyway Greetings from up North :-)

  2. On a brighter side there could be some street hobbo walking around Brighton this afternoon who is looking remarkably dapper...

  3. Love the shirt - it is fantastic - but £75 ?????!!!!! Poor you, no wonder you are angry. Would a call to the taxi rank locate it?

  4. Becky...thanks for visiting. I'm currently wearing your shoes

    Steve - I love that idea. I really hope so

    Rosiero...well it was a treat!

  5. What a shame!

    There'll be a very flash cabbie somewhere in Brighton this Christmas.....

  6. I was going to tell you how much I liked it until I read the end so now I will lie : " man that's awful" - how was that? - no damn you, that shirt was good.

    Ps if you bought it with a credit card chances are it will be insured - call the credit card company. Lots of small print here ""

  7. I actually really like that shirt.

    The Aussie Girl


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