Monday 21 September 2009

What shall I buy?

I have a fact I have many rules. But the one that's important here is that if I ever get a parking ticket or something of that ilk, whatever the fine, then I will spend the same amount on a treat. I think it's the ideal solution to combat the immeasurable depression that's brought on by the thought of having to donate yet more money to the wasters that occupy many a town hall - with immediate and abject apologies to the public sector staff that do provide a genuine service to the community.

I think I mentioned a fortnight ago, a tenant managed to get himself from here to the States without a valid passport, meaning I spent my Saturday finding a key so his sister could get into the flat and FedEx his passport to him. On my return journey, my phone went, and I pulled over thinking it was the sister who had a problem. And therein lies the problem. I hadn't realised I stopped in an empty bus lane. As evidenced below.

It's cost me £60 (reduced from £120 for good behaviour), so I need to find a £60 treat. And convince myself that in future I should do anyone any favours. At all.


  1. Is that really you in the picture?
    How brilliant that you have a record of you breaking the law! That should be on everyone's 'things to do before I'm 50' list.

  2. So next time you should answer your phone whilst still moving, whilst increasing the chances of getting killed (helmet in one hand and phone in other!) you stand less chance of getting caught!

    Why not take the boy to see a band? (I merely suggest this becuase it's what I feel like doing at the moment!)

  3. This is more in reference to your last post, but as I left work today (medical research/University district with lots of motor and non-motor cycling) I saw/heard a bike go crashing down in the bicycle lane about 20m from me. There was no one around him, but it had just started raining after 21 days of sun, and I think he hydroplaned.

    Very scary - thought I was going to have to do some first aid until the paramedics came (luckily we are about 100 m from a serious hospital), but he got up, shook himself off and was inspecting his bike when I left. Glad to hear you were similarly unharmed.

  4. You know how much it's killing me not to make a smart arse comment don't you ?

    But I have refrained, go me

  5. Without knowing you very well, this is a difficult one. I think you like live bands, eating out and watching films. Why not spend the money on one (or all of these??)

  6. Now fancy breaking the rules of the road. Shame on you! Send me the £60 quid I'll be a very happy grateful woman. Share the gift of joy ;-) TFx

  7. I shouldn't give up your career as part-time Good Samaritan just because you've incurred a minor traffic violation...

    Blow the £60 on a shared activity with the boy. That way you can thank him for being your brolly-bearing Good Samaritan - and thereby kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  8. Tara...the mere mention of 50 sets me aquiver

    Kellogsville - I like that idea...will try texting on the move too

    Sonya - thank you...the rain is indeed a pain

    AG - smart arse for not making smart arse comment

    Rosiero - all seem like a great idea

    TF...I'm tempted, really tempted

    Robert - good idea

  9. A bottle of really nice burgundy, I'd say. Or maybe a really topnotch steak from the nearest butcher to sell locally-grown, grass-fed rare-breeds beef (eg little dexter or hereford - god, my mouth's watering at the thought!) and slightly less on the burgundy.


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