Thursday 24 September 2009

The Scottish question. A rant - please feel free to ignore

I've long been known to rant about the state of the UK and I've been known to rant long about this government's interferance in the minutae of our daily lives.

Once upon a time it was quite difficult to break the law, so you could be sure that if you did, you were a signed up member of the criminal fraternity. Ignorance was no excuse. However, these days it is often easier to break the laws of the land than stay within them. There are so many rules and regulations to bind us that I'm sure soon none will have gold stars for behavious, we'll all just have black marks. I've lost count of the rules I've broken by mistake, and fines I've paid as a result...and it starts to make you feel you're a seasoned law-breaker...

My instinct is that our beloved, upright, honest politicians are driving towards a totalitarian state, with each citizen monitored 24 hours a day for their entire life. Fear has been a political tool in this coun try for a dozen or so years, and shows no sign of abating - even for serious issues such as swine flu, the information coming out of the government was designed to cause panic and fear. And most issues, Joe and Joanne Public are treated as guilty until proved innocent. And in case we think we're right, it's only because they know something we don't, so we're wrong and they're right

So I laughed until I fell off my chair at the problems of our Attorney General. I've nothing against Baroness Scotland herself, but as part of the Government she got nothing more than she deserved. I took the opportunity to try and find out what you need to do if you employ a foreign national, and not surprisingly it was a herculean task to work it out. I'm not Hercules, so am still not entirely sure. But what I did find was the documents I was supposed to read. And the nearest I got was List A and List B of documents which 'Provide an excuse'...which to me is the language of "guilty, but you can get away with it", rather than if you want to employ someone these are the documents you should have.

To me it feels that this isn't the country I was brought up to believe in. I wonder if the boy will be feeling the same in 34 years time.

End of rant. Normal service resumed soon.


  1. I'm with you. Couldn't have put it better myself. This is no longer the country I once believed in either. I've even told Kay that when she qualifies she should look for a job abroad.

  2. I hadn't seen this story, so will have a look now.

    You should see what it's like in America - even more draconian. Mind you, they have lots of signs and notices around telling you what you can't do (like drink alcohol at the beach) so I suppose at least you know.

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  4. Here! Here! Great words. Ever thought about standing for Parliment? You would get my vote any day:) TFx

  5. You want to see the damned paper work if you want to marry one !!!! I ended up having to provide copies of our gym membership to the visa bureau! Complete waste of time, punishes the innocent and the guilty simply trip around it without effort - OMG you've set me off now ..rant..moan..rant.. PS can I have a toberlone too?!


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