Friday 24 July 2009

RIP Captain Pugwash

Well this is a shame.

Of course, amongst schoolboys Captain Pugwash was most famous and popular for having a shipmate called Master Bates. And like many of the best stories, complete rubbish, but it still makes me titter.

Children's programmes are not what they used to be


  1. What brought that on ? the inside of your head must be a scary place

  2. It's a sad day for us all, of a certain age. Maybe they'll bring out a multiple DVD special edition. Wow.

  3. Yes, sad news indeed - I remember lounging in front of Captain Pugwash at abour 4:30pm and being too lazy to walk across the room to change the channel. Do you ever remember a plot - nope - me neither - just the music and the strange movement of cheaper than Noggin effects - Thanks for the memories!

  4. We still do Captain Pugwash stories at bedtime. No nostalgia there just introducing them to the younger generation.

    Re: the cheese....I guess you're off to the jungle then?


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