Friday 3 July 2009

It's a technological world

I've had my shiney new phone for nearly two weeks now. And it's very nice. I can see all my friends on Facebook, watch BBC iPlayer wherever I am, see the weather now and for a week in advance anywhere in the world, I can listen to music, watch videos and take pictures. Sending messages whether text or e-mail is a doddle. I can also navigate around the country with the navigation software and find 'things of interest' too. I can record sounds and voices. I can update the software and podcast. Write and edit office documents whether they're words, numbers or presentations. And I can play games until my thumbs fall off.

The thing is, it's taken me the full two weeks to work out how to answer a call.


  1. If you're with 3, you won't have any signal to receive calls so don't worry about it (still battling the a-holes re cancelling my contract!). Ironically the signal is so bad/cuts out so foten that their call centre asks for my landline number to discuss my complaints!

    It's nice to have a phone with a decent camera, but aside from that I just need it to RING and for the text facility to send messages out AS WELL as receive. It seems even this is asking too much of 3.

  2. I already told you, you need to get Skype. Then you don't need to make calls. You can do it all for free on the computer. What a wonderful invention. (Note: this comment was not sponsored by Skype. But am a bit overexcited by the arrival of our boxes).

  3. Are you sure it's a phone that you're carrying and not a laptop? That might account for why you can't answer a call. Just a thought.

  4. By contrast my archaic mobile phone just makes and takes calls and nothing else! Sigh.


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