Sunday 31 May 2009

A night on the town

Friday night was gig night. And in responsible parenting mode, the boy was left home alone with the usual box of matches, sharp knife, drugs, cigarettes and porn.

Auntie Gwen and I travelled to Camden by tube (evidently sitting in my car is too much for her) to see the Manic Street Preachers. Well that was who we thought we were going to hear, but the ticket tout outside was trying to sell tickets for the Maniacs, so perhaps we were mistaken. Anyways, who ever we did see were very good...playing firstly their new album, then popping off for a cup of tea before returning to strum a string of greatest hits. Extremely good indeed, I might even say the best gig for a long time, though I'm sure not a patch on the Kings of Leon I'm off to see in a couple of weeks. Did I mention the Kings of Leon? I'm very excited indeed.

Walking down Camden High Street we grabbed a fajita from a street vendor and scoffed it as we strolled along, some of it went in our mouths, some on to the pavement; fortunately none on my T-shirt. We stopped off to get a drink, and managed to get served, drink our drink (mine a slow-pour Guinness) and leave before the girl who was standing at the bar waiting for her receipt. For a diet coke. On a Friday night. In a busy bar in Camden.

Heading home, and AG met her true love. Well he was a fellow Celt, in a fetching green and white stripey Celtic football shirt that apeared to have lost its sleeves. He was entranced enough by her beauty to leap the ticket barrier and hold her hand all the way down to the platform declaring undying love and shouting loud enough that the whole station was fully aware of her beauty. In chivalrous fashion I knew my place and hid behind her skirts. Eventually we felt it an act of kindness to point out he was heading in the wrong direction. It took a moment or two for him to realise that this was ideed the case at which point he abandoned his lady love and staggered off in the direction from which he came.

Not sure how AG managed to drive all the way back to deepest darkest middle England afterwards, or retain her cheery smile through the evening, having been travelling from sun-drenched Turkey since three in the morning. But she did. So thank you. And thank you for the new T Shirt.

Sorry about the sound quality, and sorry but we could only afford the cheap tickets so had to watch in black and white


  1. Those B&W seats are such a bargain! Sounds like a cracker of a night and I'm so pleased someone else agrees that children must learn by their own mistakes and learn consequenses. I hope he did it all in the right order and can remember what he watched before burning the evidence!

  2. Would you give yourself peace with The KoL stuff
    It's not even funny any more

    It's just mean, I'm meant to be your gig buddy

  3. Bloody 'ell I must be getting old. but smashing blog as of always.

  4. And was the house still standing on your return?

    Kings of Leon? You're off to see the KoL? i am now officially jealous. I went to see the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain. Not quite the same league.

  5. I'm so envious that you're off to see the Kings of Leon soon. I think they're brilliant.


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