Thursday 28 May 2009

1984? 1944?

We (as in the office) had a visit yesterday from the Enviro-crime police yesterday. Yes really. Evidently some of our rubbish had been found somewhere that it shouldn't. Which is strange as we always put it in the bin where it's supposed to go - it's just by the front door, so easy to do on the way out. However, they had the photographic evidence to prove the errors of our ways.

However I'm pleased to report that "As you have displayed the right attitude, we're not going to issue you with a fine."

The boy thinks it sounds a bit "Nazi"


  1. I agree with the boy. What would they have done if you had been a bit sarky?!

  2. I wonder if you are more likley to get a job as an enviro-crime-gestapo if you put on your CV that you have experience rummaging through bins. And if it helps, would it be better to say that your were a tramp looking for food or a money launderer!

    Glad you managed to smooth talk your way out of it.

  3. Blimey you did write a lot in a week ! there is no end of petty Nazi ism in this country now.

    Can you get a shift on and blog the manics gig so I can link it ? I'll leave the tube stuff to you, yes I know I'm generous ! x


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