Friday 15 May 2009

Losing your cherry

I feel the need to point out that this wasn't me. Although my son is 14 and, as far as I know, still a virgin.

Man sought prostitute for son, 14

I am desperate to know the conversation that must've gone on earlier on that evening:

"Dad, dad, can I have a new pair of trainers?"
"Dad, dad, can I have a new bike?"
"Dad, dad, can I have a new Playstation?"
"Dad, dad, can I go and watch Man U play tomorrow?"
"Dad, dad, can I lose my virginity?"
"Sure, jump in the car"


  1. It should definitely be more of an occasion than that.

    Preferably without parental involvement and when a youngster feels mentally ready, and preferably more than a little in love with his would-be ISP 'intimate service provider' (aka girlfriend)...

    There used to be a grand old saying 'oop North of 'I've never paid for it in my life!', and it was a matter of pride to them. Well ok, they were tightwads as well, but they had a point that if you don't have enough charm to seduce someone to the point they naturally wish to share a bed with you and without invoicing your for it, forget it!

  2. I have a friend who took his brother to a prostitute in Paris for his 15th birthday. Huh!? And, frankly, if you saw them, the brother was not going to need to wait long before the girls would be throwing themselves at his feet. Never understood that at all.

  3. As a teenager you're just desperate to get it out of the way, if I remember rightly. (It was all a very long time ago!) Then you realise sex is pretty rubbish if it's not part of a meaningful relationship. If only you could press 'rewind'.

  4. Hmmmm.

    I was under the impression that in England, one usually started with the upstairs maid!

  5. Bad dad. Not you, NB, the prostitute-procuring dad. All kids should be left alone to discover the joys (and otherwise) of sexual activities in their own time. And with someone they like. Sex with a prostitute is an unnatural act (or at least, it should be!).


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