Sunday 5 April 2009

The Spooky omnibus edition

The boy has returned from Sorrento. Veni, Vidi, Vici. I think. After seeing all those ancient remains, it's a real shame he's got to give up classics - his school restricts the number of subjects he can do, the the 11th choice was Latin, and that's one too many. But at least the trip was fun, and he's come back feeling very naughty as he drank a bottle of limoncello (?) which I suspect is an italian alcopop. But then sensibly had lots of water..... is wonderful to have him back and the house feels complete with him cluttering up the place. Curiously my own sense of order had gone to pieces in his there were dirty dishes piled to the ceiling, unclean laundry fair bursting out everywhere, and a general mess of everything all over the place. Thursday evening was spent restoring some form of order, safe in the knowledge he would turn the place into a shambles on Friday evening, allowing me to have a gentle parental moan. How fair and just is that!

Equally my diet returned to student days, consisting mostly of sausages and baked beans and sausages. Scarcely a vegetable passed my lips all week. So thank heaven's the boy has returned to restore my health as well.

I managed to restore some credibility to my social life in the boy's absence - three evenings spent gallivanting. Of most note was a splendid evening in rather desolate Milton Keynes to meet with a lovely blogger friend. MK was half way between the two of us so a sensible choice....but neither of us knew the place, so the cullinery highlight was an American Hot with olives in the shopping centre. I hope Milton Keynesians have other places to go because much as I love Pizza Express, and I really do, it isn't the same as a smokey old pub. Hopefully my companion for the evening won't feel the need to mention that finding my car after the pizza was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Ho hum.

So in between the mess and the going out a jolly week was had by all.

Highlight of Friday was Bermondsey street being full of burly men and police. No not a belated G20 riot, but the filming of an episode of Spooks. They requisitioned my local coffee shop, so thank heavens I'm on my caffeine free diet at the moment. Try as I did, I couldn't seem to attract enough attention to get roped in as an know 'man passing in the street'would have done. Expect it's because I don't have an equity card....

Low light was leaving the office early to make sure I was back for the boy, cycling as far as the Rotherhithe tunnel to discover it was closed, meaning I had to retrace my steps. Making me 40 minutes late...fortunately the boy's coach was even later. So apologies to the other parents who had to put up with a very sweaty me whilst they made charming conversation.

And on Saturday, more police and TV cameras, as THE funeral took place. Most of the roads were blocked off, and there were an awful lot of sarf Lunden accents to be heard, which makes a change from Essex dialect. And the concentration of perma tans was seriously depleted. Our local garage and foodstore had been counting his blessings, and expected to make a massive profit on extra sales today. Hopefully that'll mean he lowers the cost of a gallon of petrol on Monday. Some hope.

We however escaped to try and find a new car as the current one needs to be replaced. Foolishly we traipsed thirty miles there and another thirty back to look at a car that wasn't even in stock. Evidently as soon as they arrive, they're sold. Who said we're in a recession and the car industry is broke?


  1. I predicted it would be strange without the boy!!

  2. Hilarious that you need the boy to instill discipline in you!

    How splendid to have met a nice blogger IRL!

    I've only met one of mine so far, but I look forward to meeting others in due course. Hopefully yourself too one day RTFM.

    I suppose the one silver lining about the Jade Goody phenomenon is that at least it's over now, much though I would never have wished such a horrible fate upon her and it is indeed tragic for her young sons.

  3. You did have salad with your pizza so that was healthy. And I'm very pleased to read I was the highlight of your week x So what new car are you going for then ? I do hope I'll still be able to torment you about your choices, what can I say ? I have no life !


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