Tuesday 7 April 2009

Easy living

"He needs to learn that charm is no substitute for hard graft" says the boy's latest school report. Yes, quite right...but actually (and don't tell him) there's many a person who's managed to carve a successful career out of charm and not hard work. They don't deserve it, but such is the world that charmers go places.

However, as 'good father' I've issued stern warnings, and backed that up by showing immense interest in his revision this holiday. Actually I'd rather not see some of it, as a reminder of the days I spent slogging away at knowledge that was quickly forgotten once the exam was finished.

And of course I don't want in any way to discourage his easy going, confident charm...it will serve him well. And since everyone around thinks he's a good looking lad who carries a guitar, he'll devastate the female population. So long as he never falls into the trap of thinking he's God's gift.

The poor fella is spending his days at home alone, and I feel for him immeasurably, as it can't be much fun, when all you've got to look forward to his a few hours swotting up on trigonometry. He has the option of coming into the office, but that doesn't appeal, given that it's an hour and a half on the sweaty tube. And his computer is now set so that it will only work for an hour a day.

Kind soul that I am, I think he can have four days off over Easter


  1. The joys of revising over holidays are long gone for me, but I feel his pain. Four days off is incredibly generous. Sounds like the charms works a treat!

  2. Alas charm doesn't always work - I am tipped off this very trait may have had more than a little bearing on my being targetted and jettisoned from my last job.

    Apparently this seemingly innocent trait can provoke jealousy in some who may not be lucky enough to possess it to the same degree.

    I couldn't possibly comment. But chances are your son really WILL need more than charm to succeed in this cruel world so hitting the books will do him no harm. I recommend a few lessons in cynicism too. Doesn't do a kid any favours to be too innocent/naive. Like a lamb to the slaughter I was when I left school - makes me shudder to recall and echoes of that legacy live on to this day.

  3. Oh that sounds oh so familiar. Kay has got A-levels this summer and announced she was going to start revision in the Easter holidays. She has been off school 4 days and I think has only done school work for a total of 2 hours!! Today she is going to the hairdresser and then off to do some window-shopping!! I think I may need to crack the whip soon. It's difficult to walk the fine line between letting them enjoy themselves/having a well-earned rest and doing some WORK!!!

  4. He'll thank you for it... never did me any harm (etc.etc.) - but it's sooo hard when the sun is shining!

  5. Is the telly on a similarly restrictive timer?

  6. Charm can go an awfully long way..... and tends to be good company as well!

  7. Charm Definitely a good thing! Hope that revision goes well... and a break over the weekend sounds like a very good idea.

  8. Exams are soon forgotten, and the knowledge that went with them, but you can't teach charm. (I somehow got away without both, so maybe luck is an extra factor). Knowing the unrelenting pressure the current exam regime puts my two under, I'd say time off is essential to sanity.

  9. No one ever mentioned charm on my school reports! Can't remember exactly how old your lad is but you might find my next blog mildly interesting. (Diary aged 13)

  10. Madame - I've been mugged haven't I?
    Laura - of course you're right
    Rosie - balance is hard, and I tend to get it wrong
    Tim - I shall await signs of his gratitude
    Rol - we have a projector which is rubbish during daylight hours!
    Mud - yes I can see the appeal
    Ladybird - thank you!
    Brother T - your advice well appreciated
    Ken- will have a read...always entertaining


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