Sunday 15 March 2009

Tow the line

I was once asked if I was to go somewhere interesting would I travel by motorway or country road. And when I return which route would I take. Evidently getting there by country road and coming back by motorway means I fall in love slowly, but fall out of love quickly. Be warned.

Completely unrelated, sort of, I spent most of last summer cycling the twelve and a half miles to work. I spent ages checking the maps to see which was the quickest route, and taking my life in my hands (or pedals) I've been following that route ever since. Its not very beautiful but it's quick - I do it in just under an hour. So this year I feel the need to find a different route. And I have. It makes the journey another four miles longer in each direction. But it's beautiful - I can take the path along the canal all the way from the Lea Valley Road to the Rotherhithe tunnel. And then coming back I can follow a slightly different route up the Regents Canal. I cannot believe the peace and tranquility to be found when going through some of the roughest and noisiest parts of smokey London. Simply are some the siights to be seen:

Beautiful Bow Bridge

There'll be tears at bedtime

It really is the Olympic Stadium going up

Beauty in destruction

Brilliant grafitti

Another sort of crane

Methinks there used to be more


Roadworks everywhere

Rotherhithe can cycle through if you can hold your breath long enough

Amazing wrought iron stairs halfway through the tunnel

Three Mills

Recycle everything

Another crack in the wall

Some grafitti is stunning

Old Ford lock (I think)

What a character!

They used to make Matchbox toys here

The lock at Lea Valley

So if asked the same question now I would have to slow boat in both directions


  1. Great photos - I love the rowboat bloke in his top hat.

  2. What an interesting journey to work!

  3. Hope you wear your helmet both ways. (Wonder what that might say about you?)

  4. Fab photos, loved the stairs and the demolishing building!

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I came to your blog through a friend's blog and have spent a good amount of time reading some of your back posts. I really enjoyed your blog very much. Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more.

  6. Rol - yes the rowboat man is 'top hat'
    Rosiero...I just love it
    Dotterel...I think I'm lost for words..
    AG - thank you
    Tony thanks for visiting and your support
    Thank you Tasha

  7. Absolutely. I'd take the scenic and the longest route every single time.


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