Monday 16 March 2009

Photo tag

I was tagged by the lovely Rosiero who writes a very brave and interesting blog

The tag is to find the fourth photo in the fourth folder and tell the story behind it. Then I'm supposed to nominate four more. As usual, and just to be awkward, I'm going to do it a little differently...Grandma says its because I'm cussid, whilst I like to think I'm creative. Er erm.

Anyway, this is roughly the 4th of the 4th (depending on which way up I hold the computer), and I've waited roughly 4 weeks to do hopefully that gets me out of nominating four more - but if you want to take up the challenge, please do just to get me out of this hole which I've dug for myself.

And here's the photo. As you can see it's been taken on a somewhat damp and overcast day. You may have guessed its Brighton beach. This is our annual gathering of friends and always takes place on the beach come rain or shine...and on this occasion it chose to the picnic courtesy of Monsieur Marks et Spencer got a little soggy.

On the far left is Adam, and then his daughter and wife. I met Adam through work, and we started a brainstorming group - meeting once a month at a tip top restaurant which also sold fireplaces (yes). Our best idea...and one that has on various occasions nearly come to fruition was to put a restaurant on the top deck of a London Double-Decker...a two hour tour with meal. Earned me a place on Dragons Den, but I ducked out last minute.

Then we have 'Fiercely competitive Dad'...who's very nice when he's not being competitive...and now his eldest daughter is faster than him on the ski slope, perhaps he'll relax a bit. Next to him is his youngest daughter who's anything but competitive. Further along is eldest daughter in the red stripey shirt...previously featured in our holiday photos. Only fifteen but probably devours boys for breakfast.

Sitting down is 'Mr Museum Designer'...yes he really dose that for a living. What a great job - I'd like to do that when I grow up. His wife says he's very grumpy. And he is, but he bares it with good humour. He's also very good at beach rounders - a game we play that drives everyone else off the beach.

The head behind the wall is the boy. You know him. He's probably with the daughters of Man Taking the Picture. I'm not sure they should be left alone together for so long.

And there I am, with now ex girlfriend. I'm 5'9", and she's 6', so she always looked down on me. Really lovely, sweet person. She's moved to Switzerland; I have another ex girlfriend who moved to Alaska. Surely it would be easier just to say they don't want to see me any more?

Next is ex-girlfriend of Man Taking Picture. There seems to be a lot of exes in this picture.

At the end is Wife of Mr Museum Designer (and her youngest), known in her own right as Ms Design PR. She was an angel when I first started up and for ten years we have been the greatest of friends, and always had a joint company Christmas celebration until a couple of years ago when at the very last minute she decided she preferred to go Xmas shopping in New York, causing our usual plans to fall into disarray; we've barely spoken since. Perhaps I should stop sulking.

There's another picture with us all smiling...after all why should a little rain stop a typical english picnic

When the weather improves in July, you're all invited.

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