Monday 9 February 2009

Suitably rewarded/nothing like a bit of crumpet

I've won an award and I'm very pleased.

I have to say I can't post it here, and nor was it quite given directly.
But an award is an award. I'm sure.

At school, the muggles chatted amongst themselves and the important quote is "Well Charlie, apart from The Boy's Dad you've got the coolest mum."

Now I'm think that means that I'm cool. That's cool. But it also makes me a mum. So not sure if I should start wearing a frock?

Unfortunately the boy doesn't exactly know how I'm a cool Mum. But he's happy that I am. And me too.

And on a different note altogether:

"The Boy, where are the crumpets I bought"

"I've eaten them"

"But you don't like them, you said so. I bought them for me"

"I know I don't like them. I was hungry.

"But if you don't like them why didn't you eat the fruit, the cheese or the biscuits in the fridge. Or have toast."

"I was hungry"

I'll just go an chew my arm off then.

And then there's:

"Can you turn the music down, I can't hear myself think."

"But I can barely hear it"

"But Dad, you're disturbing the neighbours"

"Oh right, sorry. Oops."


  1. I get told off by my 9 year old for having my music too loud too. Apparntly if it wasn't 'olden times' music it would be fine! I am on 33, how can that be olden times

  2. Well done on winning an award.
    It makes you feel good, doesn't it?

  3. I think he meant you are a cool parent

    There is an award for you at my house any time you want it

  4. Well, I think you've answered your own question there. Well cool!

  5. Play some Ruby Murray. That will really pee him off!

  6. Buy him some Spam, that'll stop him in his tracks.

    Priceless conversations - what on earth will you do when he leaves home?

    Not that that happens before they're 50 these days...

  7. hilarious-my son told me the exact same thing the other day. He is thirteen. I am sure it must be our generation
    Ho Ho

  8. Hi. I've tagged you. Hope you can spare the time.

  9. Liked the punchline. What music were you playing BTW? It's something that I regret...not playing more music more often and more loudly!

  10. you were listening to Take That!
    Annette...I like awards...any one will do!
    AG...thank you!
    Ken...I thought Roby Murray was a curry...?!!
    Laura - Spam...yuk,yuk,yuk...great idea!'s the terrible thirteens!
    Rosie...thank you...I'll have a go
    Hadriana...I suspect it was The Kings of Leon...I've been obsessed all year!


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