Sunday 8 February 2009

Crash bang wallop

We were woken up at eight minutes past six on Friday by an enormous thunder clap. The house shook and from down the corridor I heard a slightly shaky and questioning voice, "What's happening Dad?" In proper parental fashion I said in 'I am master of the situation' tone, "Don't worry, it's just thunder." I said this looking out of the window as it snowed heavily. In truth I've never experienced a snow thunderstorm. It was very exciting, and it set me thinking about how as we get older we get fewer and fewer new experiences, and how lucky the young are because there is so much that is new and exciting for them. And often as you get older, new experiences are not to be welcomed either because they are bad, or because they are not welcome and challenge our life view. So I'm very pleased to have been woken up at 6.08 on Friday and look forward to my next exciting new thing; meanwhile the boy will continue to take these things in his stride.


  1. Yes, I heard on the news that there had been thunderstorms while it was snowing. Can't say as I have ever personally experienced that either.

  2. As I am watching the snow pour down outside my window, I must say if there was thunder too, it would totally freak me out!

  3. I actually love a good thunderstorm anyway.
    I have witnessed a snow thunderstorm and it was quite brilliant.
    The thunder was louder than normal and there was lightening as well.
    The lightening was fantastic.
    It lit the sky up and made the snow shine and glitter like diamonds.
    It was a beautifuul sight.
    Only seen it once, but love to see it again.

  4. There's too much 'experience junkie-ism' going on if you ask me.

    For me it's not quantity, or even uniqueness, but quality which counts when it comes to an experience. So many are simply not worth having or rubbish that I don't envy today's youth as at least at my age I have learned to tell the difference (much though none of us have control of such crap experiences as bereavement - which your son has experienced even at his tender age).

    On a less profound level my first podcast may not be terribly good, but it was nevertheless thrilling to achieve this weekend - not least for someone of my limited IT knowledge.

  5. I love storms and always feel better after a good one but have never experienced a snowstorm


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