Tuesday 13 January 2009

Cut backs

As the recession is now in full swing, it is time for some cut backs. I've conducted a complete review and of my entire life, and have been able to identify where I can make savings.

Before Christmas, we had present buying issues (the boy didn't want to, having spent all his money on coffee at the Loughton branch of Starbucks), school grade issues (actually all very good, apart from dreadful maths grades which he just didn't seem to care about) and girlfriend issues (his, not mine as I don't have one). And then into the new year we have room tidy issues (again, again, again), house tidiness isuues (his stuff spread liberally around every possible room) helpfulness issues (he won't help out around the house, attitude issues (very confrontational for no reason), girlfriend issues (his again, not mine as I still don't have one), mobile phone issues (how do you get through more than a thousand texts in a month?) and language issues (the sailors are blushing).

So I've decided to make a 100% reduction in my parental responsibilities. Financially, this won't save me a bean, but it seems as sensible as Gordon Brown reducing VAT by two and a half per cent.

I hope you all agree


  1. I don't understand maths, economics or Gordons (except Gin)
    but I understand what it's like to be the only adult and only person capable of doing anything in a house.

    Sending you some empathy x

    ps you do not really want a girlfriend, it just complicates things, makes your brain hurt and leaves you feeling anxious, not all the time but about 80% of the time you're awake !

    pps word verification ... purges

  2. Sound like you son is going through that typical teenager phase, like that character Kevin. My daughter also spreads her rubbishall round the house and her room always looks like a bomb has hit it. I can't find enough uncluttered carpet in her bedroom to stand the hoover on, let alone vacuum it! She has accepted I cannot get in there to hoover or dust and I have had to accept it'll have to make do with a tidy-up once a year!

  3. Surely, as Gordon says, you could just spend your way out of trouble? Throw money at the boy and everything will work out. Won't it?

  4. Buy gin - its made in the UK (therefore assists in boosting the economy) and will help you forget all the other issues.

    Problem solved!

  5. AG...but I do, I do, I do

    Rosiero...I wish I could follow that approach...

    NVG...he gets too much pocket money as it is

    MITC...that's the second gin recommendation, so I'm off to the off-licence. I have whiskey in abundance, not sure that works as well


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