Monday 12 May 2008

It's a father's responsibility

In many a film, Dad has made a man of his offspring by paying for the local tart to finnish his education. Never been quite sure of this approach myself...but then my approach of enquiring gently after the school sex education lesson, didn't seem to be quite spot on either. Nor did the thirty second response to "Dad, what is masturbation"; nor even the giggled explanation when premature ejaculation was mentioned on the TV recently. Hopefully, his education will be complete by these snatches of information which will come together like a well made jigsaw puzzle, rather than ending up like one of Picasso's finest. My feeling is much encouraged by the enthusiasm of women to disrobe on the streets these days - a couple of years ago the policewoman strippergram at the local Nandos was perfect - she was unceremoniously dumped outside in nothing more than a G-string by the irate management. This weekend, The Brighton Festival gave us a lunchtime Burlesque show with two performances culminating in the unexpected site of lots of naked female flesh and some fairly insincere modesty. Eyes on stalks, couldn't help but betray over active male hormones. The boy looked as though he was quite interested too.

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