Monday 12 May 2008

Boys and toys

Boys have always enjoyed taking things to pieces and then attempt to put them back together again. In my day it was old valve amplifiers, reel to reel tape decks found in the loft or garage...and when you get a little older motorcycles, with their guts spread all over the living room floor. Swots and creeps would be kind enough to put a sheet down (usually mum's best Egyptian linen) to protect the carpet and furniture, but in general, an oily handprint or greasy smeer were thought to add to the decor. Usually volcanic eruptions would follow. I'm glad to say that times have changed, and last week's victim of teenage investigatory spirit was the X-board - like a skate board, but it pivotes along an axle which runs front to back. Oh and yes, it actually only has two wheels - one front and one back. So in fact it's just as similar to a rollerblade as it is to a skate board. The boy has discovered that removing one of the centre bolts is easier done than putting it back...naturally it was an overheard conversation with a friend that put me on the case. Inevitably, the offending bolt has also been displaced. "Where is it? I know I put it on this shelf?" Well don't look at me I didn't know it wasn't still part of the board mate.... Now where's that spanner - I just need to go and adjust the stand on my scooter -perhaps if I take it off, I can sort it out?

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