Thursday 24 April 2014

On your bike

Yesterday two men in a truck turned up and shovelled two tonnes of gravel onto our drive. I knew it was two tonnes because they'd been a few days ago with two bags, and left hurriedly saying they didn't need two bags, it was two tonnes that were required.  That, finally, was the end of our current dealings with National Grid.  Hurrah.

We've got a skip out the front of the house at the moment because the garage needs a complete clear out. Actually all of my Good Friday and most of The Cat's Mother's was spent filling the skip up.  In some ways it was a tragedy, because there were a lot of memories thrown on the scrapheap, and a lot of stuff that could have been recycled...but doing that would have taken an eternity.  We are time-short people.  Fortunately, over the weekend some East Europeans popped along, politely asked and took quite a lot of stuff away.  I suspect most of it will be sold as scrap metal, but at least it's doing someone some good.

I had cleared and sorted the garage just three years ago so it came as quite a surprise to see how much stuff was in how many leaves had been swept in by the wind.  The thing about decaying organic matter is that it attracts creepy crawlies...and some of them were the stuff of nightmares.  Spiders I'm fine with, but there were a few large blood-red ones.  They looked like walking blood-blisters.  I've not seen them before, but they were really quite off-putting.  The Buddhist in me kept me from squishing them.

Twitter is being a twit.  Somehow I've ended up with three for work, one that is vaguely related to this blog, and another that I can't remember when, how or why I set up.  I may just have been over-excited at the time.  Twitter has decided to rest my passwords.  I don't know why, but they have.  The three accounts have always shared the same password which makes it easy to switch from one to another. So I started the process of changing them to a new password...and this time it was a proper one rather than just a word.  That's been fine for two of the accounts, but for the other Twitter won't let me use it because it says 'It's too simple to guess'.  Why it's OK for two accounts, but not for this one I don't know.  Anyway, try as I might I haven't been able to overcome the problem, and their help desk doesn't seem interested.  So I'm stuck with two different passwords.  And the irony is that the one they won't change is the one that is so simple that even a two year old could guess it ( no it's not password).

I don't take selfies as a rule...but now the Olympic Park is open again there was a great opportunity...hurry down it's a fabulous place...I've been exploring it as I cycle home.  It's really rather amazing to be back there and gives me a very warm feeling.  It has been totally transformed since our summer of celebration, so even I who spent months there struggle to remember the various routes we used to take across the park.  I can highly recommend going up the Orbital to get a terrific view of London, and it's worth having a swim in the Olympic Pool and getting to cycle in the Velodrome...or just explore as you'll find hidden gems all over the place.  This was an expensive picture to take as I put my glasses down and then forgot to pick them up after I cycled off