Thursday 17 April 2014

Double double

Here's a couple of pictures.  One is a screen shot from the Danny Boyle film Trance (a sort of low-rent Inception...sorry Danny), and the other one I took three years ago.  I quite like that we both had an eye for the same shot.  You too can take the same picture at Southwark tube station

Last night we went to see The Double, another Richard Ayoade creation.  We (as in I) thoroughly enjoyed his first film Submarine and so we (as in we) have been very excited at the prospect of this film.  He's a remarkably talented man.  So having seen it, opinions are split:  me vs everyone else in the house.  It's based on a Dostoyevsky book of the same name so was never going to be an easy watch.  But for me it was brilliant.  It had all the characteristics and hallmarks of a short (I love watching short films) and managed to maintain the emotional and visual intensity over a full 90 minutes.  Beautifully acted, beautifully filmed, it conjured up a stunning environment (reminiscent of the best of Terry Gilliam) which conveyed the protagonist's descent into madness.