Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Flat as a pancake

When The Cat's Mother got a new car last year, the old one was donated to the two teenagers who generally were very good at sharing it.  They were just as good at getting dents and bumps and flat tyres too. But it was very useful to give them their freedom, and give us a rest from taxiing people around..  Now, however, The Boy is up a mountain, and The Cat is down in Exeter.  The car sits forlornly in the drive.  We did vow to drive it once a week just to keep it charged and running, but the habit was soon broken, so when we do get round to trying to drive it, it won't start.  It needs jump-starting every time.  This time, the battery was so flat, I couldn't get into the boot (electronic lock) to get out the jump leads, so I had to use a broken pair in the garage, and avoid electrocuting myself at the same time...It would go, but we know it will be 'needed' in the summer months...

In the absence of The Boy, who is the only person in our household who can mix a decent batter, pour it into a frying pan, and flip it, The Cats Mother and I had to resort to buying ready made pancakes from Waitrose. As we're out tonight, we decided to invent Shrove Monday.  Delicious.