Monday, 24 February 2014

Bob, bob, bobbing along

So farewell then to the last of the singing Von Trapps.  I'm actually quite sad about that.  The Sound of Music is one of the things that brings back very happy childhood memories, and I'd say I watch it at least once a year even now.  For Christmas this year, we had bought a Sing Along version, and we had a brilliant time joining in...even though the Lonely Goatherd is a little trickier to get you vocal chords around than you might expect.  Of course, there were all sorts of liberties taken to turn the real story into the musical, but that's showbiz.

Also farewell to the winter Olympics..they may not command quite the interest that the summer Olympics do, but they were brilliant to watch.  And didn't we do well? Especially considering our lack of snow-sports heritage.  One of my friends from the 2012 Olympics was a choreographer for the Opening and Closing ceremonies which added a special poignancy to the whole thing.  Now if only that Mr Putin could sort himself out and stop wanting to harass and harangue anyone who doesn't conform to his view of sexuality.  Anyway, it was nice to see his mistress in the opening ceremony.

So Sochi has gone, but thanks to a very, very dear friend, in two weeks time this will be me:

Yes, a flying visit to Iglis in Austria will see him and me in the four man bobsleigh piloted by a couple of guys from the Team GB Sochi bobsleigh team.  I know I will never have been so terrified in my life, but what an opportunity!